Here you can find the five best PDF to HTML converter for mac


Foxyutils is a PDF converter that stands out from the crowd by his ability to handle a wide range of policies and structures of documents on PDF documents. database of fonts important this application means that you can choose even some unusual fonts and insert them into the output text files. This application also separates the pages from the original document and treats them independently, which results in a sequence of well arranged images in the document text.

On the downside, Foxyutils does not OCR (optical character recognition). So if you have some scanned documents that you want to convert, Foxyutils won’t you help a lot. This application is also internet-based, which means you need an internet connection active for upload and download files.


Nitro PDF is one of the oldest alternatives to Adobe, it is used to manipulate PDF documents. The online version of the software is usually free, but you pay for the desktop version. With Nitro PDF, you have just to download the file you want to convert, provide an email to send to the output file, and wait. It can convert PDF in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents and vice versa, but the Excel function can be sometimes disappointing, so be careful.

At the level of quality, Nitro PDF produces files decent text, with carefully arranged pictures and a nice overall structure. However, users will have to accommodate the absence of OCR, so are looking for alternatives if you have a scanned document to convert.


Free File Converter is a software conversion PDF to text free the most simple and easy to use from this list. It allows to convert your PDF files in a variety of formats, including DOC, MOBI, and EPUB files. Once the files have been downloaded, a download link is automatically generated to allow you to directly retrieve the files. Apart from PDF files, Free File Converter for mac can also download other formats of files for conversion. Another of its nice features is that it supports large files. Free File Converter accepts PDFs up to 300 MB, which is great if you need to convert bit complicated important documents.

Apart from its services quick and easy, all the software processes is better than average for those seeking exceptional results. The texts are often badly placed or misaligned on the finished product and lack of OCR application for scanned documents. The images are usually transformed and included as graphics in the background.


UniPDF is one of the best options when you convert multiple PDF files to text files. It’s a free PDF to TXT converter for Windows desktops that converts PDF files in a number of other formats like Word, PNG and HTML. Just like Foxyutils, UniPDF did a good job for reading fonts and to reconcile them to the closest matching alternatives if the fonts in the PDF file do not exist in the database of UniPDF. However, UniPDF also lack OCR to convert scanned documents.

One of the advantages of this software is its ability to convert multiple PDF files to text files. Simply download a folder with several PDF files, select “Convert” and observe the automatic conversion of each file.


Zamzar is a free online file conversion. It supports conversion of documents in different file formats like JPEG, CR2, CRW, HTML, DOC, ODP, texts, PDF, CSV, DWG, GIF, and much more. It requires only three simple steps that include select the file to convert, select the output format, and enter the email address to receive the file completed, before you click “convert.” The conversion begins immediately and the converted files are sent to the email address provided. The disadvantage of this converter is that conversion can delay and we can not receive the converted file.